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A new track for your listening pleasure. We made this awhile back and have bubbled it up for streaming. We plan to be back at work on new material this fall in our new studio!

We now have the full LP from 2009 up on iTunes and other digital retailers!

Silver Standard - Silver Standard

Jeff working his magic.

Jeff working his magic.

Our first LP, completed in 2009, is now available on the Bandcamp store! If you purchase the entire LP here you will receive a free bootleg bonus track!

Head over to Bandcamp and check out the album!


Sorry, no song to post today.

Had a Silver Standard music session today, fleshed out the latest song we’re working on a bit, and discussed a lot of live performance and studio production techniques. Most of it was working our glitch setup, getting everything flowing smoothly, playing with most…


Ok, so I went 2 days in a row, then a week hiatus. I was sick and got engaged, so I’ve got excuses. Back to Sean’s for some Silver Standard action today:

Day 33 by jsurek

This was an awesome session. We started off with a variant of this track, then took it in a whole…